About Us

Our Mission:

To help people make better health and lifestyle choices with the support of traditional Ayurvedic herb Gymnema which may help reduce cravings for sweet foods.

KraveGone was founded by Alan Bloom after he tried Gymnema and noticed a reduction in sweet cravings.
Like so many people he knew, Alan struggled with sweet cravings that were sometimes too tempting to avoid. He struggled with sweet foods and sugary snacks, making broken promises that the diet would instead start on Monday. There had to be an easier way to curb those cravings while still enjoying everything in moderation – and not feeling guilty afterwards!

Together with some super smart naturopaths, KraveGone is designed as an oral spray to effectively deliver the ingredient gymnema, which has been historically used in Ayurveda medicine to suppress sweet cravings.
Used in conjunction with a wholesome diet and regular exercise, KraveGone™ may help you take control of your wellbeing and kick-start a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
We are passionate about natural health and are proud to be donating proceeds from every sale to Diabetes Research to help improve Australia’s health.